Bespoke Custom Software Application Development
 What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software is a software system developed specifically to your custom requirements.

 Meeting Your Needs To Enhance Your Business

Actick Software Development focuses on meeting your needs. We use our technical and business experience, and know how, to design and develop bespoke (custom made) software applications to enhance your business, helping you achieve significant cost savings and strategic advantage in the marketplace.

We are very flexible in our bespoke software development process and try to accommodate to our clients' needs. We would like to establish a long-term relationship with you, so we endeavor to deliver a user friendly, cost effective, bespoke software solution on time and to your satisfaction. This allows you to focus on your core business and at the same time lower the costs of software production.

Our aim is to become your one-stop source for all of your IT requirements: strategy, architecture, development, implementation, maintenance, training and support.

 Multi-Tier Client / Server Database Application Software Development

At Actick we have developed a Multi-Tier Client / Server Database Application Framework. This is built on a modular design, with the aim of being easily extendible. Thus it can be customised to your specific needs and can be expanded vertically and horizontally to become a very cost-effective, custom made Client / Server system to accommodate your business.

Using this framework we can develop a bespoke software solution that can cater for any business, from small businesses to large corporations. It can be scaled to be used by a single user or multiple users situated in different branches around the world.
  • For small and medium sized businesses this means that the system is able to grow with your business without the need of scrapping your initial outlay.
  • Large corporations benefit from the all round adaptability and flexibility of the system.
 User Friendly

Our philosophy is to create software which is easy to use and with a short learning curve. We believe that it is the software that should behave as expected by the user, rather than the other way round.  Thus User Friendliness is put at the top of our agenda right from the start of the design stage rather than adding it as an extra feature at the end of the development. This allows new users to start using the system very quickly and at the same time being pleasurable to the user.

  PDA Applications

Actick offers a full spectrum (hardware and software) consultancy and custom bespoke software development services for PDA handheld devices.

We can design and develop standalone PDA programs or we can integrate the PDA application within a larger Client / Server solution, to have the PDA act as a mobile Front-End.

Our PDA applications are fully compatible with the industry standard Pocket PC platform.

Given the limited resources of PDA handheld devices, we make special emphasis on delivering quality PDA software that economizes on size and resource usage, thus gaining in speed and efficiency.


At Actick, we provide effective database solutions by designing your database to cover all aspects of efficient data management. We achieve this by exploring your needs to identify the best solutions for your business.

We can also evaluate your existing database architecture, to offer you maintenance, refurbishment or integration with other systems.

In our database design we:
  • include efficient storing, editing and retrieving of data,
  • set up effective data search facilities,
  • add Individual User Accounts and Access Rights,
  • focus on reducing costs on the system as a whole (both in hardware and in software requirements),
  • provide for easy maintenance,
  • cater for network friendliness, and
  • facilitate report generation.
We work on diverse database platforms such as:
  • MySQL,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • Firebird,
  • Interbase,
  • Microsoft MS SQL Server,
  • Sybase,
  • Oracle,
  • SQLite.
As part of our database solutions we also offer data migration from the legacy systems to modern relational databases in order to improve business efficiency.

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